Thursday, January 3, 2013

Seeing Science Everywhere

Some people think that science is reserved for classroom use only! If you look closely, however, science can be seen all around us!

Take a look around, what do you see? On the surface, it is probably people, cars, phones, clothes, streets, and other typical activities. But take a look around. All around us moves, interacts, builds and he is alive. Grass that grows in the street for insects on the street, people who speak removal taxis, all these things are science!

Have you ever seen someone claiming that science is boring or that science does not matter? They could not be more wrong. Science is all around us and is the study of all things (mostly).

Here are some examples of science in everyday life.

The more interactive your phone. This smart phone in your pocket is the living embodiment of science in a variety of disciplines. The ergonomic shape and feel of the phone, the applications running on the phone itself. All of these were built by engineers or engineers designed a specific type using science. How do you have a computer at some point in time was as big as a room more expensive than an apartment, can now be miniaturized to fit easily in a pocket? It was, and it is science. How about your phone receives signals from cell phones. How, when you sit, you can talk to anyone, anywhere in the world, even on the video? This is nothing more than the application of simple science. Using wave, scanning, and more, scientists have applied more advanced versions of basic things that you see every day to make your world work.

Convinced yet? Think about yourself. You wonder why you sweat? Why your eyes are the color are they? Why you look like your mother and father? Prefer steak fish (or vice versa)? Hot or cold? Bleed when you cut? Can better disease with orange juice? All this can be explained by science.

This is what science does. It explains the world around you and why it works the way it does. What's even more fun is that once you know why the world around you how he works, you can begin to be more proactive in your world. Using your knowledge of how to create a more direct impact on the world around you!